“I took my first Djembe class with Martin Klabunde in 1999. Although I did have previous musical experience, the music that Martin introduced me to was very different and fascinating. At the very first lesson for beginners he had us playing together, even playing different parts. It was instant fun. Martin is a wonderful musician and a brilliant, kind and funny teacher. I have seen him teach many different groups from seniors and AIDS patients to children in preschool and he handled them all brilliantly. He inspired me so much that I learned things I had insisted I could not possibly learn. If you want to seriously study the amazing music he plays so well or if you just want to have some good, clean fun drumming in a group, then I could not recommend Martin Klabunde highly enough.”

-Lesely Beach, Tucson, AZ

“I worked with Martin for several years in Dambe, and found him to be an impeccable, world-class instructor and musician. His depth of knowledge and experience is truly impressive, and his love for the music obvious and quite contagious. He is masterful on a number of instruments and techniques and it was a joy to play with him.”

-Robert Peizer, Tucson, AZ

“I feel fortunate to have been one of Martin’s students. The most impressive aspect of Martin’s teaching is his demeanor with his students. He has the ability to bring people together quickly, instilling confidence and making it fun to learn. He is able to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, while presenting a composed presence and maintaining a positive environment. Each practice session became a type of meditation for me. I’ve had some amazing experiences with drumming and I know some very good drummers, in many different countries. That being said, in my opinion, Martin Klabunde is in a class by himself. He is by far the most talented and versatile ‘Sound Shaman’ I’ve ever met. I’ll never hear a djembe again without remembering Martin’s unique style and making a comparison. He really is incomparable. I only wish I could take many more of his classes!”

-Sherry Whitfield, Tucson, AZ

“Students gained practical, working knowledge and experience in an ensemble environment and performance, an experience that is not usually available to a beginning band program. The students and I are gaining intimate knowledge of African drum music and culture.”

-Will Leyva, Music Instructor at Tucson High

“Martin and Wing Man’s music is transporting, uplifting, and heart-felt! Seeing/hearing them LIVE is a special treat!!”

-Heidi Wilson, Tucson, AZ

“Martin was able to give a condensed presentation that really hit home. His personal story of success in the face of mountain sized obstacles was inspirational and caused me to reflect on some of the choices I have made in my own life. Overall I was able to leave the presentation with a sense of confidence and a positive attitude.”

-Andrew Ferris, West Coast Manager at TOTALITCare

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