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One Response to “Music and Books

  • Adam Johnson
    5 years ago

    Dear Martin, my name is Adam. I met you at the Telluride Mushroom festival, I believe 9 years ago. My wife and I took a drum class with you during that time and had lots of fun. I had talked to you about coming to Oakland, Ca to play during our yearly street fair but for one reason or another it didn’t happen, which was ok. At the end of class I bought 2 CD’s from you, Trance Drumming and From the Heart. I absolutely love love love the music that you make! It helps me feel good and connected. Thank you for that! I’m writing because I would like to purchase your entire collection of music (excluding Trance and From the Heart, since I already have them). Do you offer your music digitally that I could download? Maybe at a discount if I buy the rest of your collection? Much gratitude, love and appreciation! Adam

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