Life is full of opportunities to live a more full lifestyle, to enjoy everything that life has to offer us and to help others do the same. Imagine a world where people are truly happy; where they feel they are living their purpose and are experiencing deep fulfillment. What would the world look like and how would it feel to live in that world?

My mission is to help people cultivate the tools and skills needed to create a better experience in their personal lives and their business relationships, to have closer connections, more success and live with more freedom and to be content, happy and experience joy everyday.

This is what I offer:


Topics Include:


Focus areas:

    • Relationships
    • Money
    • Lifestyle
    • Freedom
    • Happiness and Fulfillment
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Stress Reduction


  • Executive Coaching

Focus areas:

    • Leadership
    • Productivity
    • Team Building
    • Management
    • Stress Relief


I can help you cultivate and strengthen these skills:

    • Success Mindset
    • Networking Skills
    • Law of Attraction
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Communication Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Stress Reduction skills
    • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Connecting to your Inner Wisdom


Youth Mentorship

I use music and drumming to promote cultural diversity, social responsibility, integrity, responsibility and personal empowerment. For more on my music and drumming programs please visit

Focus areas:

    • Leadership
    • Life Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Team building
    • Self Esteem / Confidence


I am available for public and private speaking and presentation events. I have programs for group workshops and also individual sessions.

Martin Klabunde
+852 9612 7538
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