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Kinobe Herbert is a Ugandan musician that I met while living in Uganda in 2002. I was fortunate to meet Kinobe within the first couple weeks of living there. I was looking for an elder who might be able to teach me the old music; the folkloric music played on ancient instruments. I did meet an elder there, however, after meeting Kinobe, witnessing his humility and graciousness and then hearing him play those old songs on those ancient instruments, i was convinced I had met someone who embodied everything I was looking for. He was 16 years old at that time. I have maintained a relationship with Kinobe over the years. I have encouraged and supported him with relocating the the US and navigating the music industry here as well. I am extremely proud of who he has become and what he has achieved. For anyone who takes the time to read the articles and watch the videos, thank you. The world needs more people like Kinobe.

Below are links to an interview I did with Kinobe in 2002, performance videos , a music CD Kinobe and I collaborated on, an academic paper I wrote while living in Uganda in 2002, and some articles that have appeared in the press over the years.


Music Videos:

Performance Pictures:

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Kalumba: Path of Light (2008), Martin Klabunde and Kinobe
Kalumba (pronounced KA-LOOM-BA) performs sacred music, a hybrid blend of traditional and contemporary music from Uganda, Guinea, Mali and the many worlds of spirit. All tracks are original compositions utilizing traditional instruments from Uganda, East Africa.



Education Through Music: Reclaiming and Indigenous Voice in Buganda



Kinobe Flyer Sept 2011

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