How money is made…

Have you ever thought about how money is actually made? Where are you in this chart and where would you like to be? Wish they taught this in school. If you know how to get from the left to the right side of the cash-flow quadrant then you’ll never worry about money again. I am so grateful I got educated while I still have time to enjoy a life by design.
This is a WAKE UP CALL! Your reality has been shaped by the knowledge and ideas of a system that wants you to stay just comfortable enough so that you think you cannot change anything, but you’ll never have enough to actually live your dreams. In fact, most don’t even dream anymore and that is normal these days. You’ll always be working for money, always. And as you read this, you’re thinking that is just they way it is. Get educated on your options, look outside what you learned, and you’ll find an entire world you did not know existed.This pic is a good one for starters…. where would you like to be and where are you now? Most are either employed or self-employed, that’s great if that is where you want to be. Know this… the people on the left side work for money; they prefer security and stability (even tho the reality is that it does not exist there). The people on the right side work for freedom; they want all their time and the money to decide what to do with it. They are the visionaries, the entrepreneurs, and the crazy one’s. They are also the one’s with plenty of resources to make a huge impact beyond their own life. Figure out where you want to be and and figure out how to get there.
Cashflow QuadrantKnow this, is you want to move from the left to the right side of the quadrant, you’ll have to get into the “B” quadrant first, then move to the “I” quadrant when you have enough money to invest. What is the “B” quadrant then? This is where people build networks and it is thru these networks that money is made.There are three different ways to enter into the B quadrant. The first option is starting or buying a C type corporation, the second is buying a franchise and both are very expensive and therefore out of reach for most people. But hey, I hear you can buy a Starbucks franchise for around 1 million and they’ll put you on a plan to begin making a profit within 3 years. This is a normal timeframe for profit making at this level. This is also why most people will not do this. They cannot bear the thought of having to wait 3 years before making money. They have a mindset of instant gratification and this will keep them poor or middle class for their entire lives.

That was two of the three options; there is one more. So, what if I told you that this option is available to almost everyone and the startup costs are minimal, and there is education and training provided, and the profit potential is more than most people make in a lifetime of working a full time job. Would you be interested? Of course you would.

So here is the reality… The third option is the ONLY way most people will ever have a shot at getting into the B quadrant and ever make enough money to put into the I quadrant. Yet, most people will reject this option and continue working a job or stay in the self employed quadrant. Why is this? I mean, seriously, if you educated yourself and realized that this was, in fact, the only way to create a life of total freedom and let’s say that IS something that you wanted, and you still rejected it… I could say, well then, there’s not much to say about your judgment then is there. The reality is that you have been trained to think this way. Seems that somewhere along the line you were bamboozled, blinded, got the wool pulled over your eyes and just plain lied to about your options in life.

My mission is to help as many people as I can better understand how to create the life they REALLY want, not get better at living one they have been told is the only way to live. I have created a LIFE by DESIGN and I can help you do the same.

I have room for 5 more people in the next two weeks to help so CONTACT ME and let’s get started!

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