Are you average?

Are you AVERAGE?

No one want to think they are, but the truth is that most people are average and they often are the last one’s to know it. Average people set and maintain the status quo. They think in a way that does not allow for ideas outside the box they live in. Average people follow the herd, like lemmings they will jump off the cliff when others say it’s the thing to do. They live mediocre lives and create a world around them manifests average results. that They attract other like-minded average people into their lives and that strengthens their belief system. They remain average.

Traits of average people:

1. Average people waste time.

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You won’t find any successful people wasting time watching hours of TV every night or browsing Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms. Successful don’t have time for that. Successful people know that time is our most valuable asset and they prioritize their time doing activities that are productive and further their goals.


2. Average people are broke.


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I know a lot of smart, broke people. Smart does’t mean successful. You can be smart and average. Successful people know that when they fill up their mind with personal development, then their bank accounts also fill up. Average people rarely invest in themselves, whereas successful people always invest in themselves. Successful people know that their mind is their either their greatest enemy or their greatest asset and make tremendous efforts to change their thinking on a daily basis.


3. Average people are always the first to state their opinion.

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We all know that person who gives their opinion about almost everything. They seem to know it all and are the first to make sure that everyone else understands how much they know. Average people react. Successful people know how to listen and respond. Beyond this, average people love to talk and rarely act. It’s important to their ego that people perceive them as smart and special. Successful people tend not to care much of what others think of them, they have vision, belief and take action.


4. Average people live in the past.

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They have a story that they have no been able to change. They are so entrenched in the old chapters that they have forgotten they have the opportunity to write the new chapters, therefore the old chapters become the current and new chapters. Successful people realize that we all have a story, we have all been hurt and we have all suffered. Successful people have learned that life is full of opportunities to change our story, write new chapters and completely transform our life.


5. Average people hope that something great will come into their life.

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Whether it’s the lottery, a relationship, a better job or income opportunity; successful people are always waiting for it, hoping for it. The tragedy is that if it ever came, they would;t know what to do with it. They have not prepared themselves to handle such great things in life. This is why you hear of the person who won the lottery and within a couple years are broke again or the person who landed the perfect partner and within a short time, that partner is gone. Average people have not become the kind of person they needed to be to handle greatness and therefore Greatness leaves them. Successful people focus more on the process, rather than the result. They know that results come with belief, vision and a mindset of constant improvement on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


6. Average people play the blame game.

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It’s never their fault. There is always someone or something to blame for their current situation. Successful people know that they are ultimately responsible for their life and if they want something different then they must think different and do different. Successful people are accountable to what they have or do not have in their life. Wise people know how to help average people shift their perception. They never take anything personally and accept the blame of the average. In doing so, they diffuse the energy of the average and give them the opportunity to shift that blame mentality, take responsibility and move forward.


7. Average people do not set goals.

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Average people may have big dreams, but never actually set a game plan in place to reach them. They tell themselves that it may never happen. Average people are waiting fro life to give them what they want. Successful people have a plan, set goals, track activity, measure progress and course correct when necessary. Successful people are fully engaged in the process and, take personal inventory on a regular basis and course correct when needed.


8. Average people do not follow thru.

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Average people are those who start something and decide later to not complete it. They get distracted by menial things. Life happens so they use it as an excuse to “do it later”. Average people are slow to decide and fast to change. Successful people are quick to decide and slow to change. They follow thru. They are committed. Successful people succeed.


9. Average people have a low sense of self.

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They are often victims of circumstance. Average people have not gotten in touch with who they really are and what they are capable of. They have no desire to achieve, to improve, to make life better. They are complacent and allow life to “happen” to them. Successful people have awakened to the potential of who they are. They seek to live in the fullness of all that life has to offer them. Successful people are happy, vibrant and seek to help others awaken to their full potential.


10. Average people choose to be average.

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Here’s the deal…. When you don’t make a choice, you have still made a choice. Procrastination… That is the mantra of the average. Average people wait and wait and wait, not understanding that they have made the choice to remain average. Average people choose to be average. It is the little choices that we make everyday that will determine our life. Average people don’t see this, they continue to stay in their comfort zone, which can be quite uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as change would be. Successful people choose to become better; a better person, a better spouse or partner, a better father or mother, a better business person, a better athelete, a better musician, a better human! Successful people know that everyday they make choices and those choices lead to either a life by default or a life by design!

If you see some of yourself in these traits, then you are normal. We are all works in progress and change will come when you decide to start practicing what successful people do. I have a system in place that will allow you to become that person that you know you can be. Contact me for more information.


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