Martin Klabunde

Drum Classes

Weekly Djembe and Dunun classes in Southern Arizona! Super fun! Come for the drumming, the community, the energy and the connections! Beginner to advanced levels welcome!


I create visual art to balance energy through peaceful action with pen and ink. The process is meditative and allows a flow state conducive to clarity and equanimity.
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Martin Klabunde

Martin w djembeMartin is an international musician, author and transformational coach. He is a professional musician with 8 CD’s available and an author with 3 books to his credit to date. Martin is an exceptional transformational coach, inspirational motivator and dynamic speaker, as well as a gifted mentor and trainer. He brings over 20 years of experience to his coaching, events, presentations, classes and workshops.

You need to experience the WISDOM and JOY that Martin brings!